Warren Hoffman


David is failing his college Yiddish course and when his grandmother, Asian American best friend, and Orthodox tutor try to help him, the result is a laugh-out-loud farce worthy of Yiddish theater itself.


June 2009: Michael Jackson is dead and sisters Mei and Qiao work all day in a factory in Dongguan, China sewing clothes that they will never wear. Thousands of miles away in Berkeley, California, the Charles family just wants to lead decent lives, but their shopping habits seem to be getting the best of them. Two families connected by a pop icon, dreams of a better life, and a single shirt that stitches their lives together.


Rosa Schwartzman is the world's last Holocaust survivor who is forced against her will to go on a worldwide Holocaust awareness tour where selling "Never Again" tshirts becomes more important than remembering what happened to 6 million Jews during WWII.

Warren Hoffman, a Philadelphia-born and based writer, is a Core Playwright at InterAct Theater for 2012-14. His play The Last was named a recipient of the 2008 Foundation for Jewish Culture Theatre Projects Grant, was a two-time finalist for the Dorothy Silver Playwriting Competition, and a semi-finalist for the O’Neill Playwriting Conference. His first play New Words received a reading at Philadelphia Theatre Workshop and was a finalist for the Christopher Brian Wolk Playwriting Award in New York.  Other plays include Stitched about clothing factories in China and The Black Slot, a satire about race and the regional theater scene. Warren has taken master classes with Paula Vogel and Craig Lucas. His short plays have been produced in Philadelphia’s first-ever One-Minute Play Festival.

Warren was the literary manager and dramaturg for Philadelphia Theatre Company for three years, and in New York, served as the Associate Artistic Director of Jewish Repertory Theatre.

Warren did his undergraduate training in literature at the University of Pittsburgh and received his PhD in American literature from the University of California-Santa Cruz. He has taught literature, theater, and American studies at multiple universities. Warren earned rave reviews for his book The Passing Game: Queering Jewish American Culture published by Syracuse University Press and his new book The Great White Way: Race and the Broadway Musical will be published by Rutgers University Press in 2014.