Vincent Marano


An Adult satire on the nature of celebrity in the age of disasters.


When a rich woman invites a mysterious stranger to her Christmas Feast (La Vigilia), will he turn out to be her long-lost husband, an impostor or something much, much more.


Is hell a heaven of our own making or is the end a wish we can't control? Two strangers meet in a place both familiar and foreign to sort out their collective fates. Will death be the only winner?

Vincent Marano (Playwright/Director) has been a fixture in the New York Theatre community for over twenty-five years, most notably producing, directing and writing plays for the manahttan theatresource and the New York International Fringe Festival since 2002.  Vincent directed the award-winning productions of Tim Nolan’s The Way Out (FringeNYC, 2002), Acts of Contrition (FringeNYC, 2003), and his own Confirmation (FringeNYC 2009).  His translation of Macchivelli’s The Mandrake (manhattan theatresource, 2007) was well reviewed by the New York Times. He directed his critically acclaimed plays A Collapse (FringeNYC, 2006) and note to self (manhattan theatresource, 2007), while his play La Vigilia (FringeNYC, 2008) moved to Manhattan Theatre Source in September 2008 for an extended run. Since 2009, Vincent has been an active member of The Writers’ Forum and his short plays The Degas Incident, Buddy Boys and My Baby have been hits of the Ingenius Play Festival.  In 2010, Vincent won the BRIO (Bronx Recognizes Its Own) Award for Playwriting. A Bronx boy, he was a resident director at Belmont Italian American Playhouse; producing or directing a dozen plays, including early works by Julia Jordan, and a series of Italian language productions of Pirandello, Dario Fo and Eduardo De Fillipo.  He has been nominated two years in row for NYIT Award for Best Short Script (My Baby/2011 and Artistic License/2012) He produced a critically acclaimed festival of his own one-act plays: What I Meant Was… at the Manhattan Theatre Source in September 2011. He’s currently working on his “Italian-American Iceman Cometh” and has adapted several of his short works for film. His Lights Narrow was a hit of the 2013 FringeNYC and is remounting a new version of Confirmation with the Variations Theater Group in the late fall.