Tom Diriwachter


Four men have tickets to a baseball game where the single-season home run record can be broken, and their friendship is at stake.


The play reflects the big-time aspirations of small-timers in Staten Island, as a get-rich-quick scheme unravels over the course of a drunken evening, and the men's desperate realities become apparent.


The vacuum goes, light switch needs to be replaced, car fails inspection: it's the little things that get you in the end.


Seven 10 minute plays around the theme of pre-existing conditions.

Born in 1963, Tom Diriwachter is a lifelong resident of Staten Island. Much of his writing is set in the borough, and it influences his work thematically, as his demimonde characters live in the shadow of Manhattan, commuting by ferry, not really belonging to either world. He is a graduate of Rutgers University, with a Masters in Cinema Studies from The College of Staten Island, CUNY. Though his plays tend more toward the traditional, his background is film, having begun writing for the stage only after repeatedly being told that his screenplays were too reliant on dialogue, finally discovering his passion. He's had five full-length plays produced in Manhattan, notably at Theater for the New City, and The American Theatre of Actors, and countless one-acts, at many of the city's off-off Broadway theaters, including The Drafts at Horse Trade, Love Creek, Pulse Ensemble, Theater Studio, Inc., the Riant Theatre's Strawberry Festival, and the Turnip Theatre Company's 15 Minute Play Festival. He's also worked with Penguin Rep Theatre, Personal Space Theatrics, and West Coast Ensemble. For the past four years, he has been a featured playwright in the LES Festival of the Arts. In addition to being a playwright, he is a screenwriter, and has published non-fiction in The New York Times, Backstage, and is a regular contributor to the literary website Mr. Beller's Neighborhood.