Timothy Nolan


What begins as a summer beach retreat turns into a fight for the souls of three young priests as The Cardinal looms over their actions - past and present - and hideous long-kept secrets are revealed and faith, friendship and the seal of the confessional are all put to the test.


Tom has a big hairy muse named Norman who's wrecking his life, and when Norman arrives in a tutu feeding Tom's doubts about his marriage and his work, Tom finds a writer can pick his friends, pick his wife, but can't pick his subconscious


In the face-off between Rubin and the Judge, the raging interior dialogue of a wrongfully incarcerated man wrestles with the question: Can any man come to terms with the accumulated toll of time stolen by fear and prejudice?


Confronted by the past, the present, and the police, a woman examines the results of choices made many years ago and finds that the secrets that are the hardest to keep are the hardest to tell.


Two strangers meet in a diner & the prism of suspicion distorts every perception. In the culture of dread, patriotism is perverted, leadership is AWOL & freedom is lost. The cost is devastating. "I let the fear inside me, rape me…and now I'm pregnant with the fear…”

TIMOTHY NOLAN is a winner of a 2003 Fringe Festival Excellence in Playwriting award for Acts of Contrition. He is also the author of The Way Out, (award-winner, 2002 Fringe Festival), Not Dark Yet (2008 Fringe Festival), Wrong Barbarians (2004 Fringe Festival), and The Bull Ring (Critics’ Choice at the Samuel French Off-Broadway Play Festival). His play What’s In a Name, another Critics' Choice at the Samuel French Festival, was also recently staged at the Bococa Arts Festival in Brooklyn. His short play She’s So Beautiful was presented as part of the TestoGenius Festival at Manhattan TheaterSource. His other plays include Under the Green Ceiling, Applaud, Friends, and Pop’s Closet, all performed at the late, great Synchronicity Space. He is currently developing Bedford Park, a television project, with Shiek Mahmud-Bey. He is a graduate of Fordham University, a co-founder of Present Tense, a member of the Dramatists Guild, and a proud member of Present Company’s Pool. He lives in Brooklyn with his favorite writers, Susannah and their daughter Olivia Rose, as well as their two cats and Ninja the beta fish.