The Drafts


Sex, guns, cigarettes and senile agitation, this short play festival is inspired by classic print ads that are actually a bit shocking.


Seven 10 minute plays around the theme of pre-existing conditions.


Six short plays on the theme "about hope".


Can there be a perfect kiss? Will a wall of water burst a burden of guilt? Can a belt buckle baffle the TSA? An escapade forking in unexpected places, this genre-bending blend of storytelling explores the dichotomies we live with (and often choose to ignore).

The Drafts was the resident acting ensemble of Horse Trade Theater Group under former Artistic Director Heidi Grumelot. The Drafts supported the work of the Horse Trade artistic community and worked tirelessly on new play development. The Drafts hosted a monthly reading series which featured over 200 original scripts, curated from Horse Trade's script submissions, many inspiring full productions. The Drafts reading series featured notable emerging playwrights Pia Wilson (The Public's EWG), Michael McGuire, Kelley Girod, Paul David Young, Megan Mostyn-Brown (LAByrinth), Terence Patrick Hughes, Augusto Federico Amador (The Public's EWG), Ziella Bryars, and Micheline Auger. The Drafts also commissioned new plays through their annual short play festival, The Drafts Fest, and produced three Lab Productions in their 2012/13 season; A Year of Her Life by Aliza Einhorn, Attack of the Nearly Dead Russian Children by Mose Hayward and The Second Life of Gideon Finn by Bryan Leys. The Drafts past staged readings of note include An Absolutely Perfect Life by Suzanne Dottino, Goodnight Sunshine by Terence Patrick Hughes, A River Pure for Healing by Pia Wilson, Straight on 'til Morning by Kelley Girod, and Christians Having Sex in Silence by Paul David Young. The Drafts past productions include Lines by Terence Patrick Hughes, It Comes From Beyond by Michael R McGuire, Donnie and the Monsters by Robert Gibbs, and punkrock/lovesong adapted by Heidi Grumelot. The Drafts also supported Horse Trade's annual Spring Playwriting Workshop offering participating playwrights a culminating reading of their scripts.