Sean Owens


Backstage at a production of Hamlet, six characters (played by two actors) frantically struggle to stay focused, especially with Her Majesty in the audience-- until a myriad of deceit, denial and self-delusion cause the players, and ultimately the farce itself, to come crashing down.


A night of dressing and dining well is ruined for historian Solomon Lynch, when his dinner guest breaks free of his restraints and expresses ideas of his own about the notoriously pansexual pirate Black Dick.


Six ladies in the hot, dry town of Rectal, Texas, share their dreams and confront enemies, new and old, in the Last Chance Salon, when they are forced together by Fate-- and a tainted water supply.

Born in Sacramento, CA, in 1968, Sean Owens moved to San Francisco in 1986 to pursue training as an actor at San Francisco State University. There he met Cliff Mayotte, with whom he co-authored a set of noir parodies entitled "The Saga of the Six Chick Dicks." As a playwright in residence for Harvest Theatre Company, he penned two more plays, "Getting To Know Your Mechanism: An Evening of Self-Help Vaudeville" (as his producer rightly observed, "Even the title needs editing,") and "Folie A Deux," a two-man farce based on the life of Freud. Since that time, Sean has written over 35 short and full-length plays, ranging from the deliriously daft to the deliciously dark. "The Big Drag," another noir-themed gender parody earned him the Bay Area Critic's Circle Award for Best Original Script in 1997. In 2006, he was named "SF's Best Comic Playwright" by the SF Weekly, and has enjoyed a decade-long partnership with the EXIT Theatre, co-founders of the NY Frigid Festival. "Naught But Pirates," his contribution to FRIGID's inaugural run earned him an Audience Choice Award in 2008. Sean has also graced stages on both coasts with his solo show "Girlesque" (with longtime composer Don Seaver) and in Liz Duffy Adam's off-Broadway run of "WET", as the Viscountess Marlene.