Rita Anderson


An exploration of the complex private life of Simone De Beauvoir, and the contradictions between her philosophies and politics as played out in her relationships with Jean-Paul Sartre—and with American-novelist, Nelson Algren.


Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, and Amy Winehouse meet up in the afterlife in limbo. When Winehouse suggests that they create a 60s girl group called The Soul Sisters of Suicide, the women drink, they fight over who’s the most famous, and they play Truth or Dare—until someone figures out why they are there and they band together to get out.


A behind-the-scenes look at Hrosvitha, the first female playwright, and an exploration of how her “secret” plays got out and about the 10th century nun’s secret playfulness.

Rita Anderson, a member of International Centre for Women Playwrights, Dramatists Guild, ScriptWorks, and The Playwrights’ Center, has an MFA Creative Writing and an MA Playwriting. An award-winning playwright and poet, Rita has had numerous publications and her plays have been produced internationally. A winner at the Kennedy Center (KCACTF), she went on scholarship to the O’Neill Theater Center (CF 2012). Her play, Frantic is the Carousel, was the 2013 National Partners American Theatre (NAPAT) nominee, when she was also recipient of the Ken Ludwig Playwriting Award for “best body of work.” In 2014, she had 15 publications and eight productions, including NYC, Boston (3), Houston, Dallas, and Cincinnati. Early Liberty, internationally published at www.offthewallplays.com, is on the publisher’s “Best Selling Plays” list. Her article, “On Gender Parity in Theatre and What May Be Broken, Parts I & II” was published in the TCG Diversity Blog, and she has 11 productions lined up for 2015. The highlight of her emerging career so far, however, was sitting on a playwriting panel with Christopher Durang last November.

Rita was also poetry editor of Ellipsis (annual literary publication, University of New Orleans), and she’s won the Houston Poetry Festival, the Gerreighty Prize, the Robert F. Gibbons Poetry Award, the Cheyney Award, and an award from the Academy of American Poets. Her poetry has been published in Spoon River Poetry Review, The Blueshift Journal, Blotterature, Words Work, Transcendence, PHIction, Persona (50th Anniversary Edition), The Artful Mind, Ellipsis, Di-Verse-City: An Austin Poetry Anthology, Inflight Magazine (Paper Plane Pilots Publishing) and Explorations (University of Alaska Press).