Matthew Ethan Davis


A hard-of-hearing high school student in a poverty-ridden, gang infested school and how his relationship with a bully turns them both around.


A comedy about two female rivals who become allies when they each lose someone, and together, seek their loved ones out in the after-life.


A one-man comedy about a man struggling through the insanity of sleepwalking.


A romantic comedy about a young man who falls wildly in love with a man, only to have his mother move in with him.


An abstract comedy about an actor on the precipice of stardom, when all he really wants to be is a waiter, and how he projects his family onto everyone around him.


An absurd comedy about four people trying to make meaning out of life, when none of the meanings other people have created make any sense.

I am extremely grateful to be included in Martin Denton’s exciting project, after A Midlife’s Dream was published in Plays and Playwrights 2001, as well as all the other plays of mine he has published... and soon, three anthologies of my one-act plays.

A little bit about my personal life. Growing up gay (before the Marriage Equality movement, etc.) I always felt like an alien or something. However, the moment I stepped into the imaginary world, I knew I was home. I was five years old and my father put me in a play being performed at the college he was teaching art in.  My father continued to put me in the plays of whichever college he headed the art departments of, and it saved my life. When I was six, my father took our family to live in India for a year and a half, and I fell in love with the country.

When it was time to return to America, I begged my family to leave me there. I had joined an Indian dance company, had the bells, and felt quite prepared to take care of myself. I could not bear the idea of leaving behind this magical world of colors, fantastic dancers, incredible statues, street festivals, and having to stop a car and wait while a cow napped in the street. When we returned to America, it was like the world changed from color to black and white. Theatre brought the colors back. It was only as an adult that my passion turned from acting to playwriting, which I seem to be addicted to.

One of the most exciting things that's happened as of late, is that I was accepted into The Actors Studio Playwrights/Directors Unit based on my play Eddie. I get to listen to a reading of a new play every week, and listen to feedback from people who have decades of experience. It is so highly elevated, and I hear their comments in my mind when I am writing. I also will be having a second production in the New York International Fringe Festival, Sleep At Your Own Risk.

A profound experience I've had the luck to have is teaching Introduction to Playwriting and Play Script Analysis at Marymount Manhattan College. I love my students and I think I have learned the most, teaching them, or, are they really teaching me?