Lynda Crawford


A play about a woman from Lesotho, Southern Africa, who tries to make a difference amidst a terrible time for her people.


Lucy's mother, a homeless woman who abandoned Lucy at age one, leaves her daughter a lost memory of one afternoon when she saw her differently. Based on the book "Stranger to the System: Life Portraits of a New York City Homeless Community" by Jim Flynn.


The best short plays from Variations Theatre Group's 2013 Harvest Festival.


A disappearing world of women’s voices, once hidden and neglected, now sought and fought after.


The play follows two reporters as they try to unravel the mystery of a prolonged rain with the aid of lesbian psychics, comic meteorologists, a street-kid poet, and a mysterious man who talks of secret experiments in the desert, all leading back decades to the real-life experiments of Wilhelm Reich in the 1950s.


Plays from the finals of the 2013 Unchained Festival, presented by Variations Theatre Group.

Born in New York City, Lynda found her way to theatre through her aunt (BJ Bohack), an actress who acted in and produced melodramas at Sammy’s Bowery Follies. Lynda’s first play was a melodrama of her own, Help Wanted, which she put on in the back room of a restaurant. It was there she met the composer/lyricist Gary Kupper, and they went on to write One Good Day and, later, Consumer Behavior, a pop musical about consumerism, which was developed at Abrons Arts Center–Henry Street Settlement in 2000-2001, and showcased at FringeNYC in 2002, directed by Victoria Pero.

Lynda dropped out of high school as a teen, but returned to school in 1989 and went on to receive an MFA in playwriting from Brooklyn College in 2001, working with Jack Gelber, Mac Wellman, and William Hauptman. “I just wanted to make a commitment to do the writing. I didn’t think an MFA was going to get me playwriting work. But in the end, it did allow me to teach, which has been very enriching.”

After an independent study on Greek tragedy, Lynda decided to write her own Greek play, and Secrets of the Birds resulted, which was directed by Irondale Ensemble’s Terry Greiss in the 2006 Samuel French Play Festival, where it became a finalist. During this period, she also wrote Strange Rain, which was a finalist in Reverie Production’s Next Generation Playwriting Contest in 2004 and showcased in FringeNYC in 2013, directed by Simone Federman, where it was awarded Overall Excellence in Playwriting.

Howard Ink!, a finalist in the John Gardner Play Competition, was a semifinalist in the Knock International Play Contest in 2010. Day Lilies was a finalist in the Lamia Ink One Page Play Festival. Several of Lynda’s short plays and other writings have also appeared in the journal MaNHaTTaN Linear and in the book, TITTERS: The First Collection of Humor by Women (Macmillan).

Lynda's most recent work, A Procession of Clouds, about an immigrant to the United States who tries to respond to the AIDS crisis decimating her homeland of Lesotho, Africa, showcased at the Unchained Festival in 2013, directed by Dennis Carnegie, where it was a finalist and tied for Audience Favorite. 

Lynda is a member of the Dramatists Guild and she leads the playwriting lab at SUNY Empire State College.