Leslie Bramm


A husband and wife are stranded at sea in a rubber raft. They battle sharks, the elements and each other. How will they survive?


A couple holds hands as they leap from the 83rd floor of the world trade center. On the way down they discover the relationship they might have had.


A father tries to mold his gay son, into the solider he failed to become; it kills him.


An history fiction about a day in the life of Lee Harvey Oswald as he prepares to make his big break.


When fighting the ultimate hate/rage battle with yourself, someone’s gonna take a beating.

Leslie Bramm was born January 23rd 1963 in Philadelphia, but raised in San Francisco and the Aleutian Islands. He is the author of 14 plays which have been produced, work-shopped and/or developed by Three Crows Theatre, The Present Company, The Penobscot Theatre, The Actor’s Theatre of Louisville, Emerging Artists Theatre, Nicu’s Spoon, The Edward Albee Last Frontier Conference, Rattle Stick, Reverie Productions, Playwrights Horizons/Tisch, and Shelter Theatre Group, to name a few. Bramm is the recipient of a Stanley Drama Award (Oswald’s Backyard) A Paul T. Nolan Award (Islands of Repair) A Tennessee Williams Literary Award (Big Ball) and is a two time finalist for the O’Neill Conference. He is published by JAC Publications, Smith and Krause, Brooklyn Publishers, One Act Play Depot and the New York Theatre Experience. Bramm and actor Kevin Corrigan co-founded indie rock band Diz Dam, where they sang and played guitar. Diz Dam recorded an EP, and gigged around New York in the 80s and 90s. He also co-wrote the screen play This is Not Here with Corrigan, based on the memoir The Last Days of John Lennon. He is currently working on a new full-length play, a graphic novel about Richard Nixon, and a screenplay, Molly Jones Steals Home. Bramm attended the Lee Strasberg Theater Institute for 5 years, and learned playwriting from the L'école de Vie, where he is still an active member. Leslie is also a published poet and award winning poet. He is a member of the Present Company’s Pool, The Playwright’s Center, Emerging Artist Theatre, The League of Independent Theatres and the Dramatist Guild.