Joshua James


A savagely witty drama about two suicidal people who don't want to die alone but find staying alive around other people intolerable.


Drama with a hard comic edge concerning the budding relationship between a time-worn waitress, Bonnie, and a much younger man, Trevor, who wriggles his way into her hopes, dreams and emotions despite her best efforts to resist.


Five different men, of different ages and ethnic backgrounds, find themselves stranded at a bus stop late at night in a dangerous urban city and a confrontation between two men, men of color, holds the other three men as their unwilling captive audience, trapped by circumstances, a late bus and the presence of a loaded firearm.


A disgruntled elf and an understudy reindeer are determined to blow up Christmas and only Wendi, a nine-year old girl and her friend the Easter Bunny can stop them from their diabolical plan.


Seth's getting married, Ray's pissed off, and George is on the hard stuff, Todd's worried about a funny vibe he's getting from another guy and Bill and Bob just want to get laid ...

Born and raised in Iowa, Joshua received a BA in Theatre from Morningside College and later attended the MFA Acting Program at the University of Iowa.

After moving to New York City, he wrote the plays The Men's Room, Running In Place, Old Dog, Tallboy Walkin', The Penis Papers, SPOOGE - The Sex & Love Monologues, 2 Very Dangerous People Sharing 1 Small Space Together, The Hot Naked Truth and The Elf - The Bunny & The Big Xmas Blow-up in addition to over forty produced short plays and sketches. His plays have been produced across the United States, including Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago and all over New York City.

In 2002 Joshua made his London debut when The Men's Room was produced at the Croydon Warehouse Theatre, directed by Nancy Hirst. In the spring of 2004 his play Tallboy Walkin' was featured at the Stamford Center of the Arts Fringe Festival, directed by George E. Moredock III. In 2006 he made his Off-Broadway debut with The Fear Project, directed by Eric Paeper.

Additionally, Joshua have been a regular contributor to No Shame Theatre and the co-founder (with Ato Essandoh) of the writing/performance group The Defiant Ones, co-author with him of the plays Close Encounters, Eat My Shorts and The Defiant Ones: Revolution.

Joshua is also a screenwriter. His original thriller A BLACK HEART was picked up by Bunce Media and Captivate Entertainment, as was his script A NATURAL HIGH, by Videe This, Inc. He also wrote BLOCK ISLAND for Adler-Gray Productions. Joshua also adapted the Peter Biskind book DOWN AND DIRTY PICTURES into a screenplay, now in pre-production, directed by Ken Bowser. Joshua is currently adapting Matthew Polly's bestselling book AMERICAN SHAOLIN into a television series.

Joshua loves ice cold tea, cool summer breezes and hot Brazilian Jiujitsu, though not necessarily in that order.