James Comtois


A Chicago reporter covering an impending transit strike ventures into a hostile neighborhood to find out who killed his one-time lover just as the trains shut down and strand him.


A dark comedy/horror about a young man living in a grotesque nightmarish version of New York City who desperately needs a night on the town to keep his sanity in tact.


Cynthia, a fledgling vampire, is taken under the wing of a more venerable one, Marie. Marie tries to teach Cynthia how to hunt, be merciful towards humans and make the most out of immortality. However, like all rebellious children, Cynthia intends to carve out her own path.

James Comtois is the co-founding co-artistic director of the New York-based theatre company Nosedive Productions, which was named a "Person of the Year" by nytheatre.com in 2009. He's written over 20 plays in the past 10 years, many of which have been staged by Nosedive. The New York Times recently compared him to Conor McPherson and Tracy Letts, which he thought was very nice of the newspaper. Published plays include The Adventures of Nervous-Boy (in Plays and Playwrights 2007 by the New York Theatre Experience), Suburban Peepshow, and Infectious Opportunity (both by Original Works Publishing). Other staged plays include Colorful World, Nona (based on the short story by Stephen King, as part of The Blood Brothers present...The Master of Horror), The Little One, Otty (as part of The Blood Brothers present...FREAKS FROM THE MORGUE) and Captain Moonbeam & Lynchpin. He lives in Brooklyn and has two cats. He thinks they're very cute.