J.Stephen Brantley


During the late hours of a summer night on the coast of Eastern Long Island, a displaced Englishman and the drug addict who breaks into his home confront their differences and, more importantly, discover their secret similarities.


It’s New Year’s Eve 1983 and Martin’s plan for a quiet night is thrown into chaos by the sudden arrival of his childhood friend Dina and her dangerous, desperate ‘roommates’, Stuart and Tony.


A fable about fame, friendship, and really nice fabrics.


As the African nation Malawi erupts in riots, American aid workers Jack and Ericka take shelter in the storage room of a struggling NGO while, half a world away, Malawian student Gilbert and his gay co-worker Chad begin another day in the back room of a Manhattan florist.


A trio of short plays written specifically for the space in which they are performed - the backyard of a beachfront home in the Hamptons

J.Stephen Brantley is an actor and playwright whose work includes Blood Grass, Break, Chicken-Fried Ciccone, Furbelow, The Jamb, Pirira, Nevertheless, Shiny Pair Of Complications, and Struck. J.Stephen is a graduate of NYU’s Experimental Theatre Wing, a six-time New York Innovative Theatre Award nominee, and an Indie Theatre Now 2013 Person Of The Year. As a member of Theatre 167, Brantley has contributed to their collaboratively built plays 167 Tongues, Jackson Heights 3am, I Like To Be Here, and The Church Of Why Not. His Eightythree Down, winner of the Georgia Theatre Conference award, is published by Indie Theatre Now as part of their Best of 2011 collection.