Gary Rudoren and David Summers


A chillingly comic monologue delivered by a convicted serial killer on death row whose final request is to put on a one-man show.

Gary & Dave also were collaborators on the following plays - AYN RAND GIVES ME A BONER and HELMUT ZWEITAG AND THE BARNSTORMIN' 88s!.

Gary has also co-written and directed several other original plays including; I'M 27, I STILL LIVE AT HOME AND I SELL OFFICE SUPPLIES; GOD IN A BOX; A HUGE HORRIBLE FAILURE; THE IDIOTIC DEATH OF TWO FOOLS; JIM CARRANE IS LIVING IN A DWARF'S HOUSE; and many many sketches.

Most of Gary's work originated at The Annoyance Theatre in Chicago. Gary is also the co-author, along with Eric Hoffman, of the McSweeney's humor bible - COMEDY BY THE NUMBERS.

He doesn't sleep much.