David Stallings


Imagine an island in hell where Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Queen Victoria...wait for their men and what happens when women's lib icon and erotica writer, Anaïs Nin arrives to turn their afterlife upside down.


As a fearless and stubborn community rests their lives against the historic wall that protects Galveston Island from natural disasters, a younger generation challenges the economic and emotional battles no wall can protect.


When the swampland of Louisiana is hit with the most massive oil spill known to history, Barnacle, an old sea turtle, fights against man’s destruction, nature’s wrath, and her enemies of the wild to save her children trapped in the spill.


Short plays by David Ian Lee, David Stallings, Lauren Ferebee, and Nat Cassidy that consider how humankind's senses might evolve and change in the future.


A young woman from the 18th Century is enraptured by the Bard's work, only to discover it has been censored by the family she uses his stories to escape from; inspired by the complete censored works of William Shakespeare, by Thomas and Henrietta Bowdler.


When Nance no longer answers her door, Lena takes it on herself to call the police and her friend’s family; what arrives is a strange dose of animosity and generousness from unlikely places.

Playwright Bio: DAVID STALLINGS recently won Outstanding Playwriting of a One-Act for The Stranger to Kindness at the 2011 Planet Connections Theatre Festivity. He has worked with several theater companies including MTWorks, The Culture Project, Michael Howard Studios, Prospect Theater Company, Boo-Arts, Oberon Theatre Ensemble, Boston Theatre Works, as well as having had readings of his work across the country from Tulsa, Oklahoma to Boston, Massachusetts. David has written multiple full-length plays and numerous short pieces.

NYC produced plays include: Folie a Deux: Insanity in Pairs (2006 at the Rock Theatre, NYC), Arpeggio (2007 at the 45th Street Theater, NYC), Anaϊs Nin Goes to Hell (2008 at The Connelly Theater part of FringeNYC; 1st Prize Winner Boston Theatre Works Unbound Festival 2007, Winner of the Arthur W. Stone New Play Award Louisiana Tech University 2009, Semi Finalist for the Princess Grace Awards), Barrier Island (2010 at Center Stage, NYC; Daily News Editor’s pick, Semi Finalist Princess Grace Award 2009), A Daughter of Israel (2010 at The Looking Glass Theatre, NYC), The Family Shakespeare (2011 at The June Havoc Theatre, NYC), and The Stranger to Kindness (2012 at The Kraine Theater part of FRIGID New York; 2011 at The Robert Moss Theatre part of The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, NYC; Winner of Planet Connections Playwriting Award Short Form and Best Production of a One Act Play).

David is also the Founding Artistic Director of Maieutic Theatre Works (MTWorks). David has a BFA in Theater from the College of Santa Fe, NM. He is a member of the Dramatists Guild of America. Visit David and learn more about his work at www.stallingswrites.com.