David Mogolov


David ostensibly sits down to tell the story of being struck overnight by a debilitating mystery illness, but in explaining how his doctor prescribed relaxation, his story veers into a comic exploration of the limits of self-control and self-knowledge, with results that audiences will find familiar, funny, and delightfully weird.


How can a man with a smartphone be so consistently stupid? A comedy about our stupid, broken brains.


Dumbfounded by a call from a political pollster who sounds suspiciously like Laura Linney, David searches himself for a rational reason to believe the nation isn't utterly doomed. When he can't quite think of one, he turns to irrational reasons. That's when his search gets more promising.


Tying together stories of fryolators, fake lawyers, junk science, tweakers, financial schemers and bomb threats, David Mogolov frisks his life experience for a single bit of wisdom he can share with his baby daughter.

David Mogolov lives, writes, and performs in Boston, but is, to his core, deeply Midwestern. Born in Iowa, and raised in Kansas, he's a fan of "flyover country." He attended Boston University, where he studied philosophy and journalism. He has been writing and performing solo shows since 2002. His scripts include One Night at TF Green (Chicago Single File Festival, 2003), I Got in a Fight, Diptych (co-authored with Sara Faith Alterman), There Is No Good News (Frigid Festival, NY, 2011), and Dumber Faster (FringeNYC, 2012). From 2007-2011, David was a member and Head Writer for Boston sketch comedy group The Ruckus, and he was the director of ImprovBoston's sketch comedy program for the 2008 and 2009 seasons.