Charlotte Miller


Three friends travel upstate for some rest and relaxation, but as the underpinnings of their relationships fly apart, they find themselves more tightly wound then when they arrived.


Margaret returns to her childhood home after the death of her mother, she and her brother try to clean up but their memories come to terrifying life, interrupting them at every turn.


Emmi and Emmet want to open a rock shop on the banks of their home-town lake, their daily life is interrupted when a beautiful woman comes between them.


The plays feature inhabitants of five alternate realities where the land meets the sea: mermaids in human form, Vietnam War soldiers and their families, a ghostly sibling reunion, a decidedly strange hotelier, and a wedding with an unexpected guest.


Welcome to a short presentation about why Charlotte Walker Miller, age 12, is having the worst year ever.

Charlotte Miller was born and raised in Dallas, Texas before she moved to New York to pursue a degree from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where she graduated from in 2003. She has studied writing with Brett C. Leonard, and Lucy Thurber. In 2009 she assisted Lucy Thurber during Killers and Other Family and Monstrosity. Her play Raising Jo was part of PLAYPENN 2010 playwrights conference, Rattlestick's F#%ing Good Plays Festival, and Hudson Stages season Kickoff reading. Her play The Magic Club has been workshopped with Iama Theatre Company (Los Angeles) and Believe Theatrical (New York). Her play Favorites was a part of Rising Phoenix Rep's ongoing Cino Nights series. Her play Barn will be produced with Rising Phoenix in spring of 2014.