Carlos Lacamara


A young American woman volunteers to cut sugar cane in Cuba and gets caught in the struggle between a patriarchal state and those who yearn for independence.


A group of Cuban refugees, lost at sea, battle the elements and the demons of their past.


The story of Fidel Castro’s Revolution from the point of view of an advertising agency in Havana.


An anti-immigration vigilante confronts a Mexican man who searches for his missing daughter in the Arizona desert.

A professional actor for twenty-five years, Carlos has appeared in over one hundred television shows, including recent appearances in “CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM”, “LIE TO ME”, and “DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES”. He played “Paco” on NBC’s “NURSES” for three years and the father in Nickelodeon’s “THE BROTHERS GARCIA” for four seasons. In April of 2000, Carlos Lacámara returned to Cuba after an absence of forty years. Having been only two years old when his family left, Carlos was moved by the hardships of life on the island. His observations and conversations with his family and other Cubans inspired him to write the play, “BECOMING CUBAN”, which The Los Angeles Times called “A rare, insightful new play,” and the LA Weekly proclaimed the “Best Political Drama of 2002.” Set in an advertising agency during Fidel Castro’s revolution, Carlos Lacámara’s next play, “HAVANA BOURGEOIS”, was presented at the 59E59th Theater in New York City, The Hayworth in Los Angeles and The Miracle Theater in Miami. His play, “NOWHERE ON THE BORDER”, won The MetLife and Hola awards for best new play. It premiered at the Hayworth Theatre in 2006 where The Los Angeles Times described it as a work of “raw poignant power and insight”. The play also enjoyed productions at Repertorio Espanol in Manhattan and Stageworks Hudson in Hudson, New York. “NOWHERE ON THE BORDER” appears in the anthology “PLAYS AND PLAYWRIGHTS 2009”. Carlos recently completed the third in his trilogy of Cuban plays, “EXILES”, which focuses on the turbulent Mariel Boatlift of 1980. The Hayworth Theatre in Los Angeles produced a showcase presentation of the play, directed by David Fofi. “EXILES” awaits a full-scale, critically reviewed production.