Brian Dykstra


Seinfeld meets Waiting for Godot in this ferociously witty play on, about and exploding with language. Rusty and Max have been friends since grade school and they've been arguing almost the entire time. Today they're scheming up something big.


A no-holds-barred satire on corporate America about an environmentalist's fight against a toxin-spreading megacorporation. Dykstra takes on corporate narcissism, the meaning of love, the corruption of politics and the elusiveness of enlightenment in this dark-age of the almighty dollar.


A suspense-filled psychological thriller about two twins, Troy and Honey, who share an unusually strong bond. One late summer evening, a stranger wanders into their family-owned bar.


Based on a true story, Silence, is the story of a group of “at risk” high school students at a summer arts camp in Fargo, North Dakota. It’s a coming out and coming of age story about self-expression, censorship and growing up.


Seven short plays that explore what it means (or what it takes) to offend, to be obscene, and/or to be transgressive.

Yo. I've written plays and poems and performed in things. I've written things you should read. And those things are the things on this website. I've written other things that you should read but aren't yet on this website. I wish I could tell you where to read them, but I can't. Cuz' I don't rightly know. Or wrongly know. Listen, it's all political (unless it isn't) if you're not interested in that, click on some other playwright on this website...they're good. If you are interested in the political, you're in the right place. If you want to know me...I'm on that web in a couple joints. I gots a new play on the way. It's all up and through there. It's a hip-hop play written in the language of hip-hop (so, in other wordz) it's going to be commercially challenged. Oh, well. I make a living acting and writing so who's complaining? It's a great job, theatre. So, check out what you want and ignore the rest. Ciao...(or whatever).