Bob Stewart


What happens when a playwright tries to re-write his parents' wedding day, so they don’t get married!


A 22 year old, Mid-Western, Trust-Fund Kid befriends an older Broadway Actor & his friends as they examine their generational differences as Gay men & their personal limitations; with the help of the movie SHOWGIRLS & an ancient deity.


An effeminate, Southern hairdresser in the East Village claims he’s channeling Jesus, St. Paul, Mother Mary, & Magdalene in the pre-dawn hours before the grand opening of his salon.

Bob Stewart (Playwright): His Jesus in a Beehive!-The Last Temptation of Mitchell Pantene! (Pick of the Week by The New York Times) was performed in NYC’s Duplex for a summer run & for Philly’s Gay & Lesbian Theater Festival.  Got a rave in the NYTIMES. His A MEMORY PLAY was chosen for NYC’s T.R.U. Series, The WorkShop Theater Co.’s 2008/09 Main Stage Season, chosen “Best of the Festival” for Mid-Town International Theater Festival. His AMERICAN INHERITANCE was a finalist for the Kennedy Center’s Fund For New American Plays & recently a finalist for The Vittum Award. Also is being shopped aroung with Tom Wopat & Angelica Page committed to it with Broadway's Micheal Rubenstein (PIPPIN & ON THE TOWN) as Producer. His BETHESDA was seen at The WorkShop Theater 2011's Vet’s Play Festival. His CHICKEN & EGG SOUP was performed by The Theater Exchange in R.I, by The South Street Players in NJ, & as a radio play for the Spokane Radio Hour and in Atlanta Onstage and in KY. His comedy FABULOUS DARSHAN was chosen as “One of The Top Plays of the Year” by Indie Theatre Now and was a selected as a Fundraiser (with the original NY cast) for The Schenectady Light Opera Company’s Rainbow Access Program in Schenectady, NY. FABULOUS DARSHAN was read at the CELEBRATION THEATER in LA with the amazing Co-Artistic Director, Michael A. Shepperd in the lead and is being considered for a production  FABULOUS DARSHAN, A MEMORY PLAY & JESUS IN A BEEHIVE are published by INDIE THEATER NOW. He is working on rewrites for his con-artist comedy BONE TO PICK, commercial & regional mounts of FABULOUS DARSHAN, and a short film of CHICKEN & EGG SOUP! He just finished his CAROL OF CARROL GARDENS. A comedy about his 14 year run with his friend as she went thru NYC Cancer Centers for her Leukemia.