August Schulenburg


In the not-too-distant future, the pressure to cure a global pandemic spurs the creation of DEINDE, a device that allows a team of brilliant quantum biologists to think directly into a powerful computer.


Two brothers and the woman they both love are transformed when one of them learns how to walk into the dreams of others.


A group of old friends gather for their annual bender honoring a high school buddy who died young, when an adversary who turned Hollywood shows up to cast doubt on how he died.


Five original short plays by Jeff Lewonczyk, Qui Nguyen, Mac Rogers, August Schulenburg, and Crystal Skillman, written for Nosedive's annual fundraising gala.


The play follows Terry, a notorious player, whose pursuit of a mysterious woman leads to obsession and violence. What begins as a seductive battle of the sexes deepens into a haunting parable of the way our bodies betray us.


A love affair between a devout rodeo clown and a hell-raising rancher leads to Graceland, prophetic sex, and cows that rise from the dead.

August’s plays include Carrin Beginning, Kidding Jane, Rue, Riding the Bull, Good Hope, Other Bodies, Honey FistDark Matter, Jacob’s House, Deinde, Dream Walker, Denny and Lila, The Hand That Moves and The Lesser Seductions of History. His plays have been produced and developed at The Lark, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, Reverie Productions, Penobscot Theatre, Chelsea Playhouse, Theater for the New City, Portland Stage Company, Dayton Playhouse, Colonial Players, Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival, Contemporary Stage Company, Abingdon Theater Company, Gideon Productions, Impetuous Theater Group, Decades Out, Soundtrack Series, Wolf 359, Blue Box Productions, Piper McKenzie, Boomerang Theatre Company, Adaptive Arts, Nosedive Productions,  and Flux Theatre Ensemble, where he is the Artistic Director. His work has also been published in the New York Theater Review, Stage and Screen, Midway Journal, and in two upcoming issues of Carrier Pigeon.