Ann Morrison


Aimee is a 10-year-old Scottish lass living with leukemia who has a mystical calling leading her from her Dundee home to a fantastical adventure in the realms of the “Faerie World,” a place where her gift of “sounding” is most needed, and in so doing discovers her greater purpose.


Broadway veteran Ann Morrison finds profound truth and beauty in her friend and colleague Linda, a highly creative woman with Down syndrome, who teaches deep lessons with simplicity and love.


Trevor, a magnificent seven year old labeled with ADHD streaks through a world that asks him to be “normal” until a stranger sees his fire as an extraordinary gift.


A woman inspired by her own experience of life modeling, takes a profound look at her late mother, an artist and true "Renaissance Woman," through the personalities around an art easel: the Model, the Student-Artist, the Critic and the Art itself, leading her audience through a deeply poetic, lyrical dance.

As a writer Ann has taken a great interest in the spoken word, the oral tradition. Once upon a time it began with her love for Celtic Mythology which led to writing her own mythology which led to writing the mythology of others.

A professional actor and director for 40 years, Ann began writing for the stage with her first solo play “DISCOURSE OF A MAID”, a melding of modern and Celtic mythology inspired by Joseph Campbell which she performed in venues in Florida, Minnesota and Ohio. This became the first part of THE AWEN TRILOGY, followed by the solo plays: “MOVEMENT OF A MODRON” and “SONG OF THE CAILLEACH”. She created two Storyteller Plays, “ANNIE’S CELTIC KITCHEN”, songs, stories and proverbs all based on the foods being served to a small audience at tables and “OUT OF A THREE-LEGGED POT”, an assortment of tales, the order of which is chosen by audience members literally out of a three-legged pot. She originally wrote “LINDA LOVELY GOES TO BROADWAY” as one of four pieces to be presented in an intimate setting as a story read to a small audience. When it was transformed into a play, the narrative prose was retained and in fact the Narrator became a character. Each story honors an exceptional being with whom Ann worked and played and experienced a profound reflection of humanity. “TREVOR’S FIRE” also became a solo play. “A GRAIL KNIGHT NAMED CHRISTOPHER” will become a two-character play and “AIMEE AND THE XYMOX” a multi-character children’s play. Ann is also co-writing a two-character play with Blake Walton based on comic genius Beatrice Lillie. Ann was honored with The 2010 John Ringling Towers Fund Award for LINDA LOVELY GOES TO BROADWAY and her performance of the play at the 2012 United Solo Festival garnered her the Best Actress Award. Her other play in the festival was honored with Best Premiere for performer Blake Walton. Ann is a recipient of the Theatre World Award©, Drama Desk Award© Nomination, Drama-Logue Award, SAMMY Award, HANDY Award, Sarasota Magazine Award and Best Plays Citation.