Trailer Trash

Author: Clint Jefferies

Trailer Trash

Description: Andrew, a self-absorbed, mildly suicidal, pushing-40 'Chelsea-boy,' escapes to the Oklahoma trailer park home of his childhood best friend and her ex-con son - with consequences none of them could have imagined.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2001
Date Added: 7/8/2013
Content Advisory: Strong Language, Violence, Drug use
2 Acts, 105 Minutes
2 Females, 2 Males

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Coming of Age · Drama · Drug Use and Abuse · Dysfunctional Families · Families · Fight Sequences · Naturalism/Realism · Philosophy · Sex · Single Set · Small Cast Size · Social Issues

Original Production Information

Trailer Trash was originally produced by Wings Theatre, New York City, under the title "Strange Bedfellows" in April/May 2001 with the following cast and Staff:

Andrew: Jym Winner
Danny: Daniel Carlton
Shirley: Carol Nelson
Lisa: Karen Stanion

Director: Jeffery Corrick
Set Design: Sam Sommer
Costume Design: Tom Claypool
Fight Choreographer: Kymberli E. Morris
Stage Manager: Parys LeBron
Assistant Director: Laura Kleeman