The Little One

Author: James Comtois

The Little One

Description: Cynthia, a fledgling vampire, is taken under the wing of a more venerable one, Marie. Marie tries to teach Cynthia how to hunt, be merciful towards humans and make the most out of immortality. However, like all rebellious children, Cynthia intends to carve out her own path.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2010
Date Added: 6/4/2012
Content Advisory: Violence, strong language. Recommended for adults only
2 Acts, 100 Minutes
6 Females, 6 Males

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Keywords: Crime · Drama · Horror · Large Cast Size · Many Locations

This play is in the following collections: Halloween Collection

Original Production Information

The Little One was first presented by Nosedive Productions in June-July 2010 at the Kraine Theater, New York City, with the following cast and credits:

Artemis / Guy: Ryan Andes
Diane / Michelle / Alicia: Melissa Roth
Marie: Rebecca Comtois
Cynthia: Becky Byers
Kyle / Jeremy: Jeremy Goren
Sergei: Christopher Yustin
Flora / Mrs. Walters: Stephanie Cox-Williams
Gogol: Patrick Shearer
Francis / Thug / Dude: Stephen Heskett
Ensemble: Emily Edwards
Understudy for Mr. Shearer: Pete Boisvert

Director: Pete Boisvert
Stage Manager: Guinevere Pressley 
Set Designer: Tim McMath
Lighting Designer: Daniel Winters
Sound Designer: Patrick Shearer
Makeup Designers: Leslie E. Hughes & Melissa Roth
Costume Designer: Betsy Strong
Fight Choreographer: Qui Nguyen
Special Effects Designer: Stephanie Cox-Williams
Publicity: Emily Owens PR