The Ask, Dream Tim, Backfire & One Night Stand

Author: David Lee White

The Ask, Dream Tim, Backfire & One Night Stand

Description: Four, two-character comedies about sex, unrequited love and asking strangers for money.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2011
Date Added: 3/25/2013
Content Advisory: Strong language
1 Act, 65 Minutes
1 Female, 2 Males

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Young Adults · Comedy · Dysfunctional Families · Families · Philosophy · Romance · Small Cast Size

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Original Production Information

Passage Theatre Play Lab - The Fortune Cookie Plays
Sally: Charlotte Northeast
Darren: Chris Mixon
Director: Adam Immerwahr

Passage Theatre Workshop
Phil: Brian Houtz
Tim: Simon Kendall
Director: Adam Immerwahr

Passage Theatre Play Lab - The Gallery Plays
Jimmy: Christopher Coucill
Amy: June Ballinger
Director: Adam Immerwahr

Passage Theatre Workshop
Michael: Brian Houtz
Trish: Dara Lewis
Director: Adam Immerwahr