The Adventures of Nervous-Boy

Author: James Comtois

The Adventures of Nervous-Boy

Description: A dark comedy/horror about a young man living in a grotesque nightmarish version of New York City who desperately needs a night on the town to keep his sanity in tact.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2006
Date Added: 10/8/2011
Content Advisory: Violence, strong language. Recommended for adults only
1 Act, 70 Minutes
3 Females, 6 Males

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Keywords: Comedy · Crime · Horror · Large Cast Size · Many Locations · Mostly Male Characters · Satire/Parody · Surrealism/Absurdism

This play is in the following collections: Indie Theater Now · Plays and Playwrights 2007

Original Production Information

The Adventures of Nervous-Boy (A Penny Dreadful) was first presented by Nosedive Productions (Pete Boisvert and James Comtois, Artistic Directors) on June 8, 2006, at the Gene Frankel Underground, New York City, with the following cast and credits:

Nervous-Boy: Mac Rogers
Emily: Rebecca Comtois
The Skank, Ensemble: Anna Kull
The Client, Ensemble: Marc Landers
The Grog, Ensemble: Patrick Shearer
The Patron, Ensemble: Ben Trawick-Smith
The Stripper, Ensemble: Tai Verley
The Gentleman, Ensemble: Scot Lee Williams
Asmodeus: James Comtois
Understudies for Mr. Comtois: Pete Boisvert, Christopher Yustin
Understudy for Ms. Kull: Shay Gines

Directed by: Pete Boisvert
Stage Manager: Stephanie Williams
Fight Choreographer: Qui Nguyen
Set Designer: Rose AC Howard
Lighting Designer: Sarah Watson
Sound Designer: Patrick Shearer
Makeup Designer: Cat Johnson
Costume Designer: Stephanie Williams
Producers: Pete Boisvert, James Comtois, Patrick Shearer, Stephanie Williams
Associate Producers: Rebecca Comtois, Chris Daly, Christopher Yustin