Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse

Author: Brenton Lengel

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse

Description: Snow White Awakens to Prince Charming's Kiss, 28 Days after the Zombie Apocalypse; Blood, Sex, Kung-fu, and gender politics to follow.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2012
Date Added: 10/4/2012
Content Advisory: Strong Language, Stage violence, Adult situations and innuendo
1 Act, 90 Minutes
3 Females, 4 Males, 3 Gender Neutral

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Keywords: Action/Adventure · Comedy · Coming of Age · Drama · Fantasy · Fight Sequences · Folklore and Legends · Horror · Large Cast Size · Literature and Writing · Many Locations · Martial Arts · Mythology · Philosophy · Politics · Romance · Satire/Parody · Zombies

This play is in the following collections: FringeNYC 2012 · Halloween Collection

Original Production Information

Snow White Zombie: Apocalypse was first presented at The Living Theatre on August 11, 2012, as part of the New York International Fringe Festival,with the following cast and credits:

Prince Charming: Adam La Faci
Rapunzel: Parker Leventer
Snow White: Lucia Brizzi
The Woodsman/Mama Bear: Simon Feil
Prince Dashing: Dave Marshall
Creature/Thug: Doug Rossi
Nix: Caroline Bloom
EnZomble/Thug: Nick Cipriano
Big Bad Wolf/EnZomble: Josh Conner
Red/Sleeping/Gretel/Nix US: Stephanie Lane

Producer: Adam La Faci
Producer: Michelle Concha
Producer: Brent Lengel
Fringe ACR: Melanie Clark
Director: Jessica Creane
Stage Manager: Amy Pen
Director's Assistant: Jon Rentler
Lighting Designer: Jarrod Jahoda
Set Designer: Brian Prather
Costume Designer: Sarah Bertolozzi
Associate Costume Designer: Abbey Steere
Assistant Costume Designer / Make Up Colleen Heaney
Sound Designer: Kris Alfred
Fight Choreographer: Lisa Kopitsky
Associate Fight Choreographer: Adam Alexander
Photos: Brian Hashimoto
Special Thanks to: Leta Tremblay