Paper Son

Author: Christine Toy Johnson

Paper Son

Description: The story of a young Chinese man who must learn to balance his American identity with his family’s immigrant journey.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2009
Date Added: 7/19/2016
Content Advisory: NA
1 Act, 95 Minutes
2 Females, 2 Males

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Keywords: Civil Rights · Coming of Age · Drama · Families · Racial Identity/Relationships · Requires/Supports Sophisticated Multimedia/Technical Elements · Romance · Small Cast Size · Social Issues

Original Production Information

PAPER SON was presented by Diverse City Theater Company, NYC, as part of their “Green Room Series”, directed by Victor Lirio and in June, 2008 and by the Queens Theatre in the Park, NYC, as part of their Asian Heritage Festival, April, 2009, directed by Evan Yionoulis. Included in the University of Michigan/Flint Multi-Cultural Drama Curriculum 2009-2011, and the 2009 Wesleyan University Playwriting Curriculum.) Special thanks to: Victor Lirio, Evan Yionoulis, Jose Llana, Pearl Sun, Yuka Takara, Telly Leung, Jason Tam, Eric Bondoc, Susan Misner, Brenna Palughi, J. Elaine Marcos, Jason Ma and especially Bruce Johnson.