In Our Name

Author: Elena Hartwell

In Our Name

Description: A triptych of short, breathtaking one-acts about the ways that the War in Iraq has hit home, especially among American women.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2007
Date Added: 7/1/2011
Content Advisory: Descriptions of physical and psychological damage caused by combat
1 Act, 60 Minutes
2 Females, 0 Males

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Keywords: 9/11 · Anti-War · Characters are Mostly Married/With Families · Grief and Mourning · Mostly Female Characters · Naturalism/Realism · Single Set · Small Cast Size · Solo Play · War

This play is in the following collections: FringeNYC 2007

Original Production Information

In Our Name was first presented by by Iron Pig, as part of the New York International Fringe Festival in 2007 at Independent Theatre, with the following cast and credits:

The Researcher and Woman: Rebecca Nachison
Wife and Recordkeeper: Elena Hartwell

Stage Manager: Emily Paige Ballou
Authorized Company Representative: Emily Bohannon
Voice Coach: Linda Leanne