Author: Rich Orloff


Description: A trio of Rich Orloff's most popular one-act comedies: <em>Oedi </em>(a parody of <em>Oedipus Rex</em> emphasizing the motherly side of Oedipus' wife), <em>The News from St. Petersburg</em> (a Chekhovian spoof about the effects of a political rumor) and <em>The Whole Shebang</em> (in which the entire universe is discovered to be a science fair project on another dimension).
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2012
Date Added: 4/8/2012
Content Advisory: A few sexual references, but no more than you'd find in Greek mythology
2 Acts, 90 Minutes
2 Females, 3 Males


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Keywords: Comedy · Philosophy · Religion and Spirituality · Satire/Parody · Shakespeare · Single Set

Original Production Information

HA! was co-produced by the Foolish Theatre Company and WorkShop Theater Company at the Jewel Box Theater on April 1, 2012, with the following cast and credits:

Oedipus/Nikolai/Student: Mike Smith Rivera
Creon/Sasha/Man: Jarel Davidow
Tiresias/Fyodor/Professor: Evan Thompson
Jocasta/Anya/Professor: Gerrianne Raphael
Town Crier/Woman: Anne Fizzard

Director: Ric Sechrest
Stage Manager: Kate Dial
Scenic & Prop Design: Meagan Miller-McKeever
Lighting Design: Richard Kent Green
Costume Design: Holly Rihn
Production Manager: Jessi Blue Gormezano
Publicity: Lanie Zipoy

WorkShop Theater Company Artistic Director: Scott Sickles
WorkShop Theater Company Managing Director: Jeff Paul
The Foolish Theatre Company Executive Producing Artistic Director: Rick Tormone

Oedi, The News from St. Petersburg and The Whole Shebang were originally produced by (respectively) Carousel Theatre Company, Manhattan Punch Line and the Second Generation Theatre Company, three New York theater groups which no longer exist. There is no correlation.