Great Kills

Author: Tom Diriwachter

Great Kills

Description: The play reflects the big-time aspirations of small-timers in Staten Island, as a get-rich-quick scheme unravels over the course of a drunken evening, and the men's desperate realities become apparent.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2015
Date Added: 6/9/2015
Content Advisory: Strong language, drinking, drug references.
1 Act, 90 Minutes
0 Females, 3 Males

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Keywords: Characters are Mostly Married/With Families · Crime · Dark Comedy · Divorce · Drama · Drug Use and Abuse · Dysfunctional Families · Grief and Mourning · Money · Mostly Male Characters · Naturalism/Realism · Single Set · Small Cast Size · Social Issues · Violence · Working

Original Production Information

p>Great Kills was produced March 26 - April 12, 2015 by Theater for the New City, Crystal Field, Executive Artistic Director with the following cast and crew:

Joe Pantoliano
Robert Homeyer
Peter Welch

Director: Jonathan Weber
Publicity: Jonathan Slaff
Set Design: Mark Marcante
Lighting Design: Alexander Bartenieff
Sound Design: Roy Chang
Stage Manager: Reanna Armellino
Light & Soundboard Operator: Megan Horan