Eaten Voices

Author: Lavinia Roberts

Eaten Voices

Description: Leona, a brash and bright young girl, finds herself trapped in night, a place of stories, dance, and music, followed by strange creatures.
Year Written/Copyrighted: 2012
Date Added: 8/25/2016
Content Advisory: Discusses sexual violence, PTSD. 
1 Act, 60 Minutes
3 Females, 1 Male, 2 Gender Neutral

NOTE: Eaten Voices is fully protected by copyright law and is subject to royalty. All inquiries concerning production, publication, reprinting or use of this play in any form should be addressed to Rochelle at

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Keywords: Child Abuse · Coming of Age · Fantasy · Feminism · Folklore and Legends · Mostly Female Characters · Mythology · Rape · Requires/Supports Sophisticated Multimedia/Technical Elements · Sickness and Mental Illness · Surrealism/Absurdism

Original Production Information

Nature Consortium, The New Alchemists, Seattle, WA, Aug. 2015 
Directed by Lily Raabe 
Music by Ahmed Alabaca 
Masks and Puppetry by Gina Grandi, Lily Raabe, Lavinia Roberts 
LEONA­ ​ Fortuna Gebresellassie 
MOON CHILD­  Adam Michael Canne 
MOTH­  Alfonso Campos 
MOTHER­  Carrie Ivory 
RAVEN­  Nicole Merat 
ENSEMBLE­  ​ Lindsey Porter, Tomoko Saito, Emily Jo Testa   Graphic Designer­  Cecilia Roberts  
Unheard Festival 2015, The Bread & Roses Theatre, Goblin Baby Theatre Company, London, UK, Feb.  2015 
Directed by Poppy Rowley 
ENSEMBLE­  Jennie Eggleton, Ella Road, Joanna Harrington, James Askill 
Dixon Place, Manhattan, NY, June 2013 
Directed by Irene Kapustina  
Costume Design by Christine Samar  
Sound Design by Michael DiSalvo 
Music by Nicole Carroll  
LEONA­  Rebecca Gray Davis  
MOON CHILD­ Sarah Goosmann  
MOTH­ Cynthia Loren  
MOTHER­  Elizabeth Bove  
RAVEN/WOLF­  Peej Mele 
Thespis Theatre Festival, Cabrini Theatre, Winner of Best Production in Festival, Manhattan, NY, Oct.  2012 
Directed by Lily Raabe 
Music by Ahmed Alabaca 
LEONA­ Rachel Jane Conn 
MOON CHILD­  Devin Olson 
MOTH­  Jonathan Remmers 
WOLF/MOTHER­  Lantie Tom  
RAVEN­ Mike J. McNulty  
ENSEMBLE­ Shang­Ling Kuei, Ekenedilichukwu Okobi  
Costume Design by Tamara Leacock 
Set Design by  Lily Raabe  Puppetry and Masks by Corinne Beardsley, ​  ​ Gina Grandi​  , ​ Lavinia Roberts, Lantie Tom