REVOKABLE TRUST will receive two staged readings at Theater Works' 2014 New Works WESTival.
An Interview with Richard Warren

Indie Theater Now asked Richard Warren a few questions about this upcoming event.

What’s this play about? Please give us a brief synopsis (a sentence or two) and also talk about what you believe to be the most important theme(s) in the play.

REVOKABLE TRUST involves a greeting card illustrator and her ex-baseball player husband's struggle to maintain their eternal love as their materialistic daughter grasps for money, marriage and more. It's a quirky comedy that explores selflessness vs. selfishness in today's "all about me" world.

Why did you want to write about this subject/theme?

Initially I wanted to explore this contemporary theme because it simply intrigued me. After some early readings, audience members told me that the play presented situations that concerned them a lot. So I pressed forward.

How did you decide what names to give the characters in this play?

My characters' names almost always change as I get to know them better. I also pick names that might represent when they were born, their personalities and/or the mood of the play. In REVOKABLE TRUST I use the names Bunny, Byrd, Lucy and Guy Dufay.

Describe your writing process. Do you write longhand, on a computer, a tablet? Do you write every day? Do you outline the play beforehand?

I first develop the story in my mind. I don't start to formally draft a play until the story's pretty clear to me. I need to know who's involved and where they're going. And most importantly, I need to know what I'm trying to say - my point of view. Then I write the first draft on a computer and print it out. I edit the printed draft longhand and then input the changes. I do this over and over again for about 12 drafts, or for however long it takes. To me all writing is editing. I write in my mind everyday but might not actually be at the computer. My stories haunt me until they're finished and then I'm never really sure.

Is there a character in this play that you particularly identify with? Which one, and why?

I love people and different parts of me identify with different characters. I like them all, although I may not like what they feel, say or do. In the end, life is a struggle and some people are more successful at it than others.

posted June 30, 2014
Richard Warren

Richard Warren