Old Love New Love at Luna Stage
An Interview with Laura Brienza

Indie Theater Now asked Laura Brienza a few questions about this upcoming event.

What’s this play about? Please give us a brief synopsis (a sentence or two) and also talk about what you believe to be the most important theme(s) in the play.

This play is about the extreme, crazy, perplexing, frustrating, beautiful lengths we go to for the people we love. It's about being hurt by the person you love the most and finding a way forward. It's about how no matter how "old" your love is, you will face new and unexpected hurdles.

Why did you want to write about this subject/theme?

I wanted to compare something that sounds the same on paper--infidelity--but that is expressed in two very different ways. At the heart of one couple's infidelity is Alzheimer's, and at the heart of another is the trauma of unfilled ambition. Both are terrifying in different but very real ways.

How did you decide what names to give the characters in this play?

I usually scroll through my Facebook Friends or peruse Baby Books until I find a name that seems to fit the character I have in mind.

Describe your writing process. Do you write longhand, on a computer, a tablet? Do you write every day? Do you outline the play beforehand?

I usually start with an idea or a setting rife with conflict that I've read about, be it a psychological, political, or relationship conflict. From there, characters form in my mind and a few scenes usually tumble right out of my brain and into my Word processor. After those initial ideas come out, I usually take a step back to plan, plot, and figure out exactly what I want to say to the world and how these characters and this conflict can do that.

Is there a character in this play that you particularly identify with? Which one, and why?

I identify with Matt's fear that he will not fulfill his dreams. Other than snakes, my greatest fear is not accomplishing my goals. We both worry, "What happens to a dream deferred?...Does it explode?" Will I explode? I also identify with Michelle. We both bake a mean coffee cake.

posted March 27, 2016
Laura Brienza

Laura Brienza