How We Curate

Indie Theater Now is a project of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc. (NYTE), a nonprofit corporation whose mission is to provide tangible support for the theater community in New York and across the USA. In curating Indie Theater Now, we start with the basic premises of NYTE’s existing publication program, NYTE Small Press, home of the Plays and Playwrights anthologies and a few others. Our publishing mission is as follows:

The purpose of our play publishing program is to call attention to worthy new work and to promote new productions of this work, and other work by the playwrights, in New York City, around the country, and around the world. We select the plays to be included using the following criteria:

  1. It must be of high quality, as evidenced by production, with something cogent to say to the theatergoing audience.
  2. It’s written by an author whose theatrical work has not generally reached a wide audience.
  3. The play expands or changes the ways that audiences experience theatre.

The most important ideas here are that the plays we publish deserve to reach a broader audience; and that they have been produced, providing evidence that they work in the theater.

It’s easy to figure out whether a play has had a bona fide production; whether a play “deserves to reach a broader audience,” though, is trickier and much more subjective. For Indie Theater Now, our plan is to apply this idea pretty liberally. We’ll be relying on our own judgment, for sure, and also on the judgments of indie theater artists we know, admire, and respect. That includes all of the playwrights who are already participating in Indie Theater Now; it also includes a host of directors, producers, actors, designers–and, we trust, a lot of folks we haven’t even met yet.

What this means is that we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears (and mind) open to conscientiously expand the roster of playwrights in Indie Theater Now. We’ll be seeing a lot of work , as we always have done. And–because we can’t be everywhere at once–we’ll be relying on the aforementioned group to help identify others who should be part of this project. It’s kind of a viral thing: as the group expands, each new addition will likely have more new names to recommend to add to the list.

Please do not submit scripts unsolicited. We don’t have any resources to deal with submissions. If you are interested in being part of Indie Theater Now, please send an email to Martin Denton (

This program is all about new voices. We intend for Indie Theater Now to encompass the great variety and diversity of contemporary American indie theater, and we’ll be relying on the broad community of theater artists and audiences that we serve to do that right.

(December 16, 2012)