What is Indie Theater Now?

Indie Theater Now is a website where you can browse a large, diverse selection of new American plays; learn about them; and add titles to read in your own personal virtual library either by subscription or by purchasing individual digital scripts. People are calling it "iTunes for plays." You can browse our selection of plays by the finest indie theater playwrights, and you can purchase Digital Plays to read online.

Indie Theater Now is a project of The New York Theatre Experience, Inc., a nonprofit corporation. For more information, please visit the corporate website.

How do I read Digital Plays?

You can purchase individual plays to read for $1.29, or you can save money by purchasing subscription packs, ranging in price from $5.89 for 5 plays to $20.99 for 25 plays. We use PayPal to process all sales transactions. Learn more about buying plays.

Do I need special hardware/software to read these plays?

Indie Theater Now's play reader uses JavaScript, and is compatible with virtually all browsers and devices–it’s been tested on Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, on both desktop and laptop computers; on a Nook tablet (an Android device), a Windows Phone, an iPad and iPhone . You must be connected to the internet and you must have JavaScript enabled to read plays.

How do I get my play published on Indie Theater Now?

Please do not submit scripts unsolicited. We don’t have the resources to deal with submissions. To ensure artistic excellence, participation is by invitation only. Invitations are made to artists whose work is known to be of high quality by ITN’s editor, or when a recommendation is made by an NYTE Board Member or a participating artist. In addition, qualified individuals (artistic directors of well-established theater companies and festivals) are selected by the editor/Board to curate a collection of plays from their company/festival. Read more about our curating process.

Who holds the copyrights to the plays?

The copyright remains with the author(s) of the play. Each play module comes with complete contact information as to the best way to get more information about the playwright and/or the play. Indie Theater Now does not license plays.

How do I get answers to any questions I may have?

Please send any questions or comments to feedback@indietheaternow.com. You will receive an answer within 24 hours.

(May 23, 2015)