Rising Sun Performance Company 15th Anniversary

DONKEY by John Patrick Bray

Coffee served hot with a big side of small town politics.


A lesbian couple has a mermaid in their bathroom. Shadow puppets, poetry, childhood friends, and complicated grief - or the loving and losing we are unable to leave behind.

RISING SUN SHORT PLAYS by Rising Sun Performance Company

Three short plays involving unconventional couplings: a man and his just-released-from-a-mental-hospital wife; an older man and a teenage girl; and a woman, her boyfriend, and his id.

THE FIREBIRD by Tim Errickson

Dan returns home to the Brooklyn neighborhood of his youth with a mission: to stop his best friend Ricky from destroying himself. Pride, love, lust, and memory challenge whether either of them can outrun the fate coming to them.

From Akia, Founding Artistic Director of Rising Sun Performance Company: I co-founded Rising Sun 15 years ago, because I- (or rather WE) believe wholeheartedly in nurturing an artist's growth, we believe fully and passionately in the power and striking beauty of a story well told, we believe in preserving a history of performance and the integrity of theater that cannot be found in any other medium today. The power of a theatrical family and home is amazing, and we are so very grateful to have been entrusted with telling so many of our artists' stories. This anthology has been 15 years in the making, and I’m so excited that it’s happening. We hope that you enjoy just a few of our company’s stories, because we certainly enjoyed bringing them to life.