Rising Phoenix Rep

(O)N THE 5:31 by Mando Alvarado

A bar. A blind date. And a trip into what could have been and what really happened.

BEST SEX EVER by Gary Sunshine

Unfashionable Jeremy takes his vaguely foreign boyfriend Kraatz on his kindergarten teacher’s wedding cruise, hoping to settle a score with the groom, in this comedy about trying to top life’s hottest moments

BLOOD STROKES by Daniel Reitz

Faggot is the newest, most inflammatory, most polarizing in-yer-face-queer iTunes sensation. His concerts are getting bigger, the uproar louder, the costumes more outlandish, the “fans” more thuggish. Homo hero? Cynical instigator? Political activist? Performance artist? Tonight, the unwelcome truth waits in the dressing room.


Flashes of violence have slammed high schoolers Bear and Trev into one another, and now they have to sit together in the afternoons at Bear’s grandmother’s kitchen table, their shared history and peach cobbler between them.

BUSTED by Florencia Lozano

Jesse has a secret, Melanie has an announcement, Gigi and Lucia can't stand to be in the same room together. A play about disappointing your friends and dancing together anyway...under a full moon.


Jamie and Austin each look for love and sex online and find more than they bargained for. A meditation on contemporary social and sexual mores and loneliness.

EDIE & ALEXANDER by Megan Mostyn-Brown

Edie and Alexander are so glad you moved in next door. So very glad. They’d like to invite you over for dinner. They promise it will be an evening to remember.


A photographer and subject meet in a cold basement. Ex-lovers meet in an old grungy bar hangout. Circling each other, looking for weak spots and testing strengths, they try to navigate a desperate city landscape not far from where we are now.

FALL FORWARD by Daniel Reitz

A play about choices and figuring out what really matters, originally performed in a Methodist Church two blocks from the World Trade Center.

FAVORITES by Charlotte Miller

Margaret returns to her childhood home after the death of her mother, she and her brother try to clean up but their memories come to terrifying life, interrupting them at every turn.

FOLLOW by Crystal Skillman

Two estranged brothers must say goodbye to the woman they've loved in her dying hour. But with the arrival of her daughter the brothers are forced to face their decades long rift of truth and lies in the intimate Lower East Side apartment that's been in their family for generations.

HERE I LIE by Courtney Baron

A play about two people with Factitious Disorder, a condition that causes them to feign illness.

KILLING FLOOR by Dael Orlandersmith

History catches up with the present when an estranged father and son have to comb through the detritus of their lives…literally.

NAMED by Lucy Thurber

A play about first love, being a girl who likes girls, and shame.


Two restrooms in different parts of the city. In one, two men; in the other, one woman. Each seek something different: love, power, refuge.

SEX AND DEATH IN LONDON by Crystal Skillman

In the South London pub they have broken into during the riots, two girls find themselves confronted by their worst fear as the violence mounts around them: their best friend’s father looking for his missing daughter.

SLIPPING by Daniel Talbott

Alone, numb, and friendless after the violent death of his father, high school senior Eli moves with his mom from San Francisco to a fresh start in Iowa. A new relationship with a boy named Jake at school exposes Eli again to the possibility of closeness and the danger of being swallowed by it.

THE BEACH PLAYS by Rising Phoenix Rep

The plays feature inhabitants of five alternate realities where the land meets the sea: mermaids in human form, Vietnam War soldiers and their families, a ghostly sibling reunion, a decidedly strange hotelier, and a wedding with an unexpected guest.

THE STRAY DOG by Kristen Palmer

A play obsessed with the great Russian poet Anna Akhmatova and dedicated to any who dare endure in the folly and the imperative that is art.

THE TELLING TRILOGY by Crystal Skillman

A gripping and and often chilling full length play that explores the nature of loss, comprising three linked tales of the supernatural.


Three sisters, Olga, Irina and Masha, gather in a downtown Manhattan restaurant to celebrate Irina’s birthday. Along the way they drink too much wine, share vicodin, commiserate about unhappy love lives and exile to the outer boroughs, and wonder whether they will ever be able to afford their beloved Upper West Side again.

THE UPSTART by Emily DeVoti

A young writer deals with the racism and anti-Semitism in the community where she has just moved, while she writes a play about Hitler's Irish sister-in-law.

WHAT HAPPENED WHEN by Daniel Talbott

Two young men, brothers who have recently been separated, reunite for a night of reminiscence and truth telling.

A selection of plays from Rising Phoenix Rep curated by Daniel Talbott, including works from Cino Nights and a sampling of site-specific works performed at Jimmy's No. 43 and elsewhere.