Plays and Playwrights 2016


Set in a dive bar built on an ancient burial ground, Bonedive Scrounger is a modern medieval morality play where Bronco - the "Writer Who Writes Nothing for Nobody" - finds his way through a tale of objectification, urban menace, and Darwinian Gentrification.

BROKEN by David Meyers

Kevin McFadden hasn't spoken to anyone since he killed 17 people at a shopping mall three weeks ago. But when a prison doctor takes an unexpected interest in his case, Kevin decides to meet with him - revealing a troubled past that unites them both.


A mixed-race lesbian couple wants to adopt a baby. The one saving grace is that the waiting time for adopting a black child is six months instead of the two years it takes for a white baby. Until...

CHOKEHOLD by Anthony P. Pennino

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable." - John F. Kennedy

CIRCE by Michael Hagins

A lonely man's phone becomes something more than a personal digital servant.

FATA MORGANA by Jeni Mahoney

For Tori and Jack, life off the grid offers a welcome alternative to the turmoil of life back home… until Morgan shows up seeking sanctuary and offering the promise of long lost hopes for happiness. Having already walked away once, can Jack and Tori hold on to their separate peace, or will they risk it all for a shot at their dreams?


Karen is a middle-aged professor with a chromosomal condition that makes her look like a teenager, so she has trouble meeting men… until her sister decides to set her up on a date with the local pedophile.


A poetic drama that explores the punk roots of a commercial fisherman and a long-distance truck driver and their yearning for an imaginary place.

IN THE BONES by Cody Daigle

A Louisiana family mourns the unexpected loss of a veteran of the war in Afghanistan. Over three years, their grief reaches out into unexpected places, forming a future from a broken past.

MIRACLE VILLAGE by Stacy Davidowitz

The harmony of a self-sufficient Christian community of sex offenders in rural Florida is shattered by their newest arrival.

THE DOCTOR IS NOT IN by Nancy Redman

A sci-fi comedy exploring the hypocrisy of Hippocrates.

THE SEVENTH SON by Stephen Kaplan

A Curse, a Kingdom without laughter, a Princess who likes to run, a Prince who likes to read, and only the seventh son of the seventh son can make things right. But will he come in time?

A dozen topical and inventive new works representing the breadth and diversity of the current theater season.

This is the latest in our annual series which started in 2000 with the print book Plays and Playwrights for the New Millennium. These collections bring attention to worthy new works by playwrights whose work has not yet penetrated the mainstream. We spotlight a selection of excellent plays from the past 12 months or so that stretch the boundaries of theater and reflect today's world in terms of theme and theatrical form.

In these plays you will meet a young man who recently committed a mass killing in a local shopping mall; a lesbian couple seeking to adopt a baby; a Southern family coping with the loss of a child in the recent Iraq War; a woman with a rare condition that makes her look like a teenager--who is dating a pedophile; a man who falls in love with his digital personal assistant; a woman who has gone "off the grid"; and several sex offenders living in a community in Florida. You'll grapple with relevant issues such as the current "Black Lives Matter" movement, health care in the USA, the demise of the New England fishing industry. And there's a modern version of a medeival morality play, and a very contemporary fairy tale in which the prince falls for another prince instead of a princess.

Plays and Playwrights 2016 brings together works from an eclectic and diverse group of writers, with roots in the worlds of classic indie theater, standup comedy, acting and directing. It offers a fun and provocative window on the most inventive, innovative, and interesting new work being presented on stage today.