Plays and Playwrights 2012

DREAM WALKER by August Schulenburg

Two brothers and the woman they both love are transformed when one of them learns how to walk into the dreams of others.

EIGHTYTHREE DOWN by J.Stephen Brantley

It’s New Year’s Eve 1983 and Martin’s plan for a quiet night is thrown into chaos by the sudden arrival of his childhood friend Dina and her dangerous, desperate ‘roommates’, Stuart and Tony.


A 22 year old, Mid-Western, Trust-Fund Kid befriends an older Broadway Actor & his friends as they examine their generational differences as Gay men & their personal limitations; with the help of the movie SHOWGIRLS & an ancient deity.

HOLD MUSIC by Calla Videt and B. Walker Sampson

A symphonic story about the way people listen to each other and to the world around them, HOLD MUSIC takes us on a journey into the musical world of speech and memory, language and thought.

HOW I FELL IN LOVE by Joel Fields

Two lost souls haplessly seek romance as they stumble into adulthood. When they accidentally find their way into each other’s lives, they discover that their individual stories may be more intertwined than they could have ever imagined… and they start to question the meaning of fate, friendship, and true love.

NEXT by Stephen Gracia

A mobile whorehouse is brought to an American army encampment in Europe during WWII, bringing to the surface issues of racism, sexuality, and the fear of impending death.

OPAL by Chance Muehleck

A chamber piece for five voices that explores memory and role-play in a fractured family dynamic.

OUR GREATEST YEAR by Robert Attenweiler and Scott Henkle

The play follows Harvey and his new wife, Elton, as they return to Cleveland, OH to care for his ailing father, watch another tortured year of Cleveland professional sports and learn about loss, losing and the myths we create to make sense of both.

THE SHORT FALL by David Caudle

A hilarious look at America’s obsession with fame at any cost, via the mad adventures of a middle-class housewife.

A sampling of excellent new plays that premiered in 2011