Plays About Stormy Weather

A COLLAPSE by Vincent Marano

An Adult satire on the nature of celebrity in the age of disasters.

AHOY, ABEL BROWN! by Tyler Grimes

When Calumet Harbor off Lake Michigan becomes infested with an invasive species of fish, the men aboard the Rubicon, a small fishing boat heavy with secrets, take it upon themselves to fix the problem.

AWKWARD LEVITY by Richard Hinojosa

Three short dark comedies that look at inappropriate humor from three viewpoints.

BURNING THE OLD MAN by Kelly McAllister

Two feuding brothers try to bring their late father’s ashes to a final resting place.

I (HEART) KANT by Ken Urban

Four women in New Jersey are on a mission to find happiness.

LA TEMPESTAD by Larry Loebell

Based very loosely on Shakespeare’s Tempest and set in Vieques, Puerto Rico during the run-up to the Iraq war, La Tempestad is a political comedy about love, marriage, patriotism, parenthood, and home.

THE DIRTY TALK by Michael Puzzo

A contemporary comedy about two men stranded together in a New Jersey cabin on a stormy night.

Here are seven plays that seem appropriate for the aftermath of a hurricane: all of them deal with cataclysmic storms and blackouts.