FringeNYC 2008


A five-part, multi-character solo show that explores America's social and political upheaval, from 9/11 to the 2008 presidential elections.

ANAIS NIN GOES TO HELL by David Stallings

Imagine an island in hell where Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Queen Victoria...wait for their men and what happens when women's lib icon and erotica writer, Anaïs Nin arrives to turn their afterlife upside down.

ASCENSION by Cynthia G. Robinson

Two slaves' impending marriage is haunted by the woman's sexual relationship with the master of the plantation.

GOOD PICTURES by Ashlin Halfnight

Charts the course of one bloody night in an upstate town jail, where an ailing immigrant and a young hustler construct an uneasy alliance – and a desperate escape plan.

KANSAS CITY OR ALONG THE WAY by Robert Attenweiler

A chance encounter alters the course of Joseph and Louise’s lives forever as they search for a place to belong amidst the scraps of Depression Era southern Ohio.

KRAPP, 39 by Michael Laurence

Reeling on his 39th birthday, an actor's obsessive identification with Beckett's famous character compels him to examine his own quixotic life: his fears, his failures, and his search for (and forfeiture of) love, all in preparation to record a version of the 39-year-old Krapp's soliloquy to be used in an imagined production of "Krapp's Last Tape" in the year 2038.

LA VIGILIA by Vincent Marano

When a rich woman invites a mysterious stranger to her Christmas Feast (La Vigilia), will he turn out to be her long-lost husband, an impostor or something much, much more.

NOT DARK YET by Timothy Nolan

Tom has a big hairy muse named Norman who's wrecking his life, and when Norman arrives in a tutu feeding Tom's doubts about his marriage and his work, Tom finds a writer can pick his friends, pick his wife, but can't pick his subconscious

OTHER BODIES by August Schulenburg

The play follows Terry, a notorious player, whose pursuit of a mysterious woman leads to obsession and violence. What begins as a seductive battle of the sexes deepens into a haunting parable of the way our bodies betray us.

PRAYER by Jonathan Kravetz

In a futuristic American prison, one man fights to preserve his innocence and identity while a theocratic, irrational government tries to prove he's guilty of writing a book -- The Believer's Diary -- that he says he did not write.


A lonely boy spends his time alone in a decaying rooftop garden where one day he receives an invitation to a strange, raucous moonlit party.

THE OCTOBER CRISIS (TO LAURA) by Alejandro Morales

In 1962, US spy planes uncover secret missiles in Cuba and a cryptic telegram uncovers painful memories for sultry singer Marguerite Stone.

THE PERMANENT NIGHT by Kari Bentley-Quinn

During a blackout that plunged NYC into darkness, secrets and betrayals illuminate the flaws of a wealthy couple's seemingly perfect marriage, a first encounter sheds light on the scars of a young woman's past, and the night leaves an indelible mark on them all.


Sequel to Oscar Wilde's "The Importance of Being Earnest".

WOODHULL by Liza Lentini

Biographical drama about Victoria Woodhull, the thirty-something former prostitute who ran for President against Grant in 1872 with a platform that included free love, legalized prostitution, and abolition of the death penalty, at a time when it was outrageous for women to show their ankles.

XY(T) by Kestryl Cael Lowrey

Filled with testosterone and transgression, masculinity and mayhem, this playful solo performance charts one queer’s quest for a gender that makes sense.

A sampling of excellent indie plays from the twelfth annual New York International Fringe Festival