FringeNYC 2005

FILM NOIX by Ed Malin

Deadly spy women, jaded aristrocrats, mobsters and astronomers vie for world supremacy.

GOD'S WAITING ROOM by Ashlin Halfnight

Inspired by Bulgakov's MASTER AND MARGARITA, the play snaps four perplexed people into purgatory for the ride of their afterlife.

PONZI MAN by Gary Morgenstein

A fair-haired son, entrusted with the family business, brings them to financial and emotional ruin through a Ponzi scheme.


A guy, let’s call him Mad Tom, walks into a bar after signing his divorce papers, and promptly loses his mind- aided and abetted by a beautiful woman named Charity and a smart ass bar tender named Janus .

THE BANGERS FLOPERA by Kirk Wood Bromley

A musical perversion of The Beggar's Opera with Mac the Knife, Polly Peachum, etc. It takes place in present day New Yuck Shitty, and follows Mac and his gang as they commit various criminal and pornographic activities.

THE DIRTY TALK by Michael Puzzo

A contemporary comedy about two men stranded together in a New Jersey cabin on a stormy night.

THE SILENT CONCERTO by Alejandro Morales

When Benny moves in with Naldo and Mallory, all three must wake up from their grand illusions about their lives, their art and their love for each other.

TOBY by Anthony P. Pennino

Two actors – Toby and Toby – are trapped in a production of WAITING FOR GODOT in Vermont.

TRAVIS TANNER by Melanie N. Lee

In Bush's 2003, a famous-yet-fading White comedian shifts to the hard right, moving a devoted fan, a left-leaning Black female grad student, to battle to win him back from the "Dark Side".

A sampling of excellent indie plays from the ninth annual New York International Fringe Festival