FringeNYC 2002

BODY MAPS by Saviana Stanescu

A theatre-dance piece of stories and e-motions.

DISMISS ALL THE POETS by Adrian Rodriguez

Based on the Heberto Padilla affair, this plays tells the story of a Cuban poet forced to make public retraction implicating family and friends for disloyalty to the state.

LAST CALL by Kelly McAllister

A wise and moving comic drama about the ways some of us heed life’s wake-up calls—and the ways the rest of us ignore them.

LIZ ESTRADA by Ellen K. Anderson

Liz Estrada and the Daughters of the Dead reunite to announce Operation Peace, but end up leading a successful world-wide sex strike while fighting off the gorgeous Chippensoldiers and their very large Genome Ones.

MINIMUM WAGE by Jeff LaGreca

Five hapless fast food employees must unexpectedly teach you the art of spatulary and drive-thru etiquette.

OUT TO LUNCH by Joseph Langham

An outrageous absurdist farce about two losers camping out in a restaurant that is quite possibly an allegory about apathy.

PANICHOREA by Richard Hinojosa

A multi-media political/social satire that lampoons our paranoid and greedy reactions to a fabricated crisis that is played out in a series of related comic sketches and news reels.


Tells the story of the American Revolution - Washington, Arnold, the Brits, the rebels - in a pageant full of battles, espionage, romance, humor and song.

THE WAY OUT by Timothy Nolan

In the face-off between Rubin and the Judge, the raging interior dialogue of a wrongfully incarcerated man wrestles with the question: Can any man come to terms with the accumulated toll of time stolen by fear and prejudice?

UP TO THE SKY by Antonio Sacre

The play humorously tackles the mother/son relationship from birth through a collection of stories of a son and his chain-smoking mom, a nurse who raised her boys alone and cursed like the working-class Irish girl from south Boston she was.

A sampling of excellent indie plays from the sixth annual New York International Fringe Festival